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Grizzly Sprockets is an all American company that has maintained a reputation for producing the best engineered sprockets for 40 years.

Custom Shaft Assemblies

Engineered shafts, custom designed and fitted with sprockets, bearings and anything else your unique job calls for. All made to order in the USA

Custom Chain Fabrication

Grizzly Sprockets is able to produce all types of chain flights and attachments, buckets, pushers and much more. Contact us today for all your industrial fabrication needs.

Grizzly Sprockets areas of Expertise

With over 40 years experience engineering and building custom industrial parts Grizzly Sprockets strives to produce the best quality parts at industry low costs.

Engineered Sprockets

With the ability to manufacture engineered sprockets in over one billion chain and tooth comfigurations you will not find a shop more suited to complete your order.

Chain Flights & Attachments

Custom chain flights and chain attachments can be designed and engineered for your specific needs or reverse engineered to repair an existing application.

Chain Buckets

Chain buckets, custom or standard, of all sizes and materials, suitable for applications involving large and heavy loads, grain and other crops and corrisive environments.

About Us

With a dedicated team of professionals specifically trained in utilizing the newest technologies, combined with an old school work ethic, Grizzly Sprockets delivers products you can depend on.

Founded in 1980 as a small local company manufacturing various products and providing services for other industrial companies. Focusing on long-term and sustainable development concepts, today we are positioned to be an industry leader in custom fabricated chain attachments and engineered sprockets.

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The heart of industry runs on Grizzly.

Enpowering the industries that drive our country.


Lumber, Pulp & Paper, and many more types of forestry industries served.

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Growing crops and livestock requires the quality parts Grizzly delivers.

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Our lives run on the mining industry, and they depend on Grizzly

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