Split Construction – This type of construction is used on sprockets and traction wheels when ease of installation is desired. These then can be installed without disturbing the existing shaft, bearings and sprockets.

Segmental Rim – Available in both sprockets and traction wheels. This construction consists of a solid or split body with removable segments. When teeth or rims are worn they can be replaced without removing the hub. In many cases tooth segments may be reversed thus allowing the backside or unworn portion of the teeth to be used.

Chain Saver – Manufactured with flanges on each side of the teeth, it allows the chain to load evenly utilizing the sidebars. With the wear distributed more evenly over the tooth surface, sprocket and chain life is increased.

Hunting Tooth – These sprockets have odd numbers of teeth with the pitch of the teeth one half the pitch of the chain. The chain advances one-half pitch with ever revolution of the conveyor chain using alternating teeth thereby using two sets of teeth and doubling the sprocket life.

Combination Construction – Utilizing a combination of chain saver and hunting tooth construction, sprocket life is further increased.

Skip Tooth Sprockets – Have odd numbered teeth with every second tooth omitted thereby making the chain pitches twice the number of teeth plus one.